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Patient Handling

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Patient Handling

Course Background:

This course is designed to instruct employees in the theory and practice of safe patient handling. To comply with Part 4 Chapter 2 of the “General Application Regulation Regulations 2007, Manual Handling of Loads”, which states that staff engaged in manual handling must be given appropriate training. Safe patient handling techniques can reduce the risk of injury to both the employee and the patient.

Course Content:

  • Dangers of careless and unskilled methods
  • Legislation
  • Principles of levers and laws of motionPatient Handling
  • Anatomy of the spine and muscular system
  • Potential harm through incorrect patient handling techniques
  • Importance of physical fitness
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Patient handling aids and techniques
  • Normal patient movement

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Recognize a load which is too heavy or awkward
  • Understand the limitations of the spine and muscular system
  • Conduct a patient handling risk assessment
  • Lift and handle patients safely

This Course is Designed For:

Personnel who will be involved in the safe lifting of others.

Training Methodology:

This course is classroom based; it is highly interactive with role-playing and practical exercises to reinforce understanding and learning.

What to Bring to the Course:

While pens and paper will be supplied, participants are free to bring their own. Participants should wear comfortable clothing for practical activities.

Upcoming Courses:

Patient Handling courses run every Friday in Dublin.

What is the risk?

“The main concern with manual handling activity is the increased risk of injury due to wear and tear on the back, especially on the lumbar intervertebral discs, (Grandjean 2000). Back injuries can be painful and reduce one’s mobility and can lead to long absences from work and in modern times are among the main causes of early disability.” https://www.hsa.ie/eng/Publications_and_Forms/Publications/Occupational_Health/Guidance_Manual_Handling.pdf

Further to this, The Manual Handling of People can lead to injury for the Staff Member and the Patient

What else can we help you to mitigate Patient Handling and People Moving Risk in the Workplace:

– Develop a People Moving policy
– Risk Assess People Moving activity in the workplace and implement controls
– Provide Training
– Assess Workplace Ergonomics and supports for Patients

Courses listed here:

Patient Handling
Patient Handling Instructor
Patient Handling Instructor Refresher

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Duration of the Course:
A maximum of 12 per course
Upon successful completion of this course participant will receive a certificate of attendance.
Sarah Thomas
Training was well prepared and well presented. The course added value to my day to day. Thank you Samson Training and Kean specifically. I enjoyed your "funny but not funny" jokes :)
Bonnie Reidy
Excellent cCourse and well presented
Bonnie O'Connor
Even through a pandemic , samsung training met all our needs and requirements to get us over the finish line and qualify to first aid responders. A very interesting course that covered everything. would highly recommend
Elzbieta Filipowicz
I would like to say I found the course very interesting and really enjoyable. I want to commend Cheryl on how she presented the course. She went into great detail and I left the course very happy and I learned a lot.
Ciara Kenny
Excellent course and great communication throughout from team.
Conor McElvaney
Even through the Pandemic Chris and the team succeeded in delivering our manual handling instructors course - delighted !
Sarah Cummins
Positive: Quality
British Health
Modern, thorough and very well organised approach to training and certification. 5 Star service - thanks to Chris and his team
David Powell
Outstanding Training Company