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Sales Training

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Sales Training

This three part interactive sales series will provide a foundation and framework for success in the process, art and culture of selling.

This course is for anyone that wants to launch a commercially successful career and will also help fine tune the seasoned Seller in furthering

their respective selling aptitude.

The Step Back from Selling

Before we sell we need to take a step back and look at the reasons as to why we are selling, what is the meaning for us and are we actually prepared

to sell or are we ready to sell. We take a close look into Selling as an Artform and how it correlates with the Principles of Marketing


– Self Exploration
– Principles of Marketing
– Sales Thought Patterns
– Motivation
– Mind Programming

The Practicality

Sales is really a science of systems, procedures and applying energy to the structures you have planned.


– Lead Generation
– The Sales Funnel
– Business Systems which aid the process
– Setting KPIs for success
– Types of Communication
– Relationship based Sales

The Silver Bullet

This highly interactive session aims to take what was delivered in Day 1 and Day 2 and add the final ingredients to make you tangibly more

successful in sales delivery


– Cultivating Tenacity
– Building Intuition
– High Level Closing
– Alternating approaches

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1 Day
up to 12 people
Sarah Thomas
Training was well prepared and well presented. The course added value to my day to day. Thank you Samson Training and Kean specifically. I enjoyed your "funny but not funny" jokes :)
Bonnie Reidy
Excellent cCourse and well presented
Bonnie O'Connor
Even through a pandemic , samsung training met all our needs and requirements to get us over the finish line and qualify to first aid responders. A very interesting course that covered everything. would highly recommend
Elzbieta Filipowicz
I would like to say I found the course very interesting and really enjoyable. I want to commend Cheryl on how she presented the course. She went into great detail and I left the course very happy and I learned a lot.
Ciara Kenny
Excellent course and great communication throughout from team.
Conor McElvaney
Even through the Pandemic Chris and the team succeeded in delivering our manual handling instructors course - delighted !
Sarah Cummins
Positive: Quality
British Health
Modern, thorough and very well organised approach to training and certification. 5 Star service - thanks to Chris and his team
David Powell
Outstanding Training Company